Star Wars: a brand new time

The Word on the street is that “Star Wars” can be put on hold. who could ever have imagined this? The total fiasco spin-off, “SOLO”, and the small detail of having killed all the legendary characters, tossed the series to tangential profit levels where – basically – they are covering expenses. It was a big disappointment for longtime fans to have Han Solo, Luke, Leia, and Admiral Akbar killed on the series (Akbar death was off of any scene, only entitled to a brief mention of it).

Chase up the brand details and be effective

A strong brand lives on the details. This is perhaps an obvious truth but not so “obviously” followed in a general way. The strongest evidence of this is that the brands that invest in these same details still stand out from the competition. What we are seeing generically is a focus on the product and the idea that branding is – still – somewhat folkloristic support of marketing. The belief is that if you have the right strategy and the product is good, that’s enough. Well… that’s not enough.

The modern ones who do not take risks

To live in Portugal still is, sometimes, to be “last in line”. Despite all the universe of startups and the desire to see unicorns in our front yard, we still are eating yesterday’s bread on many topics. We have it all on the information front: Google, Amazon, Netflix (a Portuguese version of it, try the American catalog to see the difference), We can subscribe to Wired on the iPad, and do all of “what it takes” to be in that modern moment. But in most cases, we aren’t. We stay in the corner, too fearful to risk, too small to have a voice.

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